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Rates Up. No Surprise.

The Bank of Canada has been telling us that rates are going to move. And now they have… officially. Ahead of the BoC’s July 12th announcement, Canada’s “Big Banks” nudged-up mortgage rates, adding 0.05% to 0.20% or in other words, increasing rates 5 to 20 basis points.

This increase is seen as a confirmation that our economy is getting stronger and not just sputtering along. This measure is a “bump” not a “jump.” And yes, we can expect to see some sensitivity in real estate markets as people get used to different rates.

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How to Protect Your Home during the Open House

While having an open house you should understand that total strangers will be walking around your home, looking into your closets and will be observing all your belongings. Open house is an invitation for those strangers to walk among your most prized possessions and very often with only one real estate agent present, so there are security concerns for both: homeowners and the agents themselves.

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Why Pre-approval is Important?

It is crucial to know what you can afford. You might be wasting your time by looking for house below the price you could have qualified for or you may be looking for a house that is higher in price than your budget.

When your realtor knows what you want and what you can afford, he or she can do a better job of finding your dream home. Also, with a pre-approval it is easier and faster for realtor to suggest right neighborhood, size and condition of homes that would match your needs.


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Home Ownership is a Great Investment

Home Ownership Continues to be a Great Investment!

There’s no denying that home ownership has always been a great investment, and in today’s market, that statement continues to ring true. From building your wealth, to giving you a sense of community, owning a home can provide you with many benefits.

  • Becoming a Homeowner in Today’s Market

As home ownership continues proving to be a great investment, people are looking at more creative ways to get into the market.

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