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When is it the right time to downsize?

The house is too big and you have rooms that you don’t use You want to be able to lock up and travel Stairs are becoming a difficult task Landscaping and snow removal don’t sound like fun anymore
You want to sell to free up funds for living
You want to move to a different area
Your children need you to be closer to them
You want maintenance free living
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1. Set the intention.
I will help you gather information so that you have a clear picture of what your next place should look like, and show you options that are suitable for you. We will have a preliminary viewing of several properties so that you can familiarize yourself with what is available. This process will help you feel more confident in the transaction. Together we will also review your current home and set the scope of work that must be done in preparation for successful selling. Usually the scope of work consists of de-personalizing, decluttering, minor repairs, and staging your home to make it more appealing to the general public. Once you are ready and have decided to downsize, we will proceed to discussing the financial aspect of the transaction.

2. Prepare Your Finances
We will go through the numbers, and make sure you fully understand, and are comfortable with the buying and selling process. Financially, you need to be ready with the deposit for purchase, and mortgage pre-approval and bridge financing – if such are needed. We will compare carrying costs of your current home, and your new home options. Knowing your numbers is essential to making informed decisions, and seamlessly downsizing and securing your new home .
Another important decision has to be made when downsizing: whether to sell your home, or buy your new home first. There are pros and cons to both cases, but people do not usually realise that there is a third option. The third option is to buy your new home without selling your current home. You can keep your current home as an investment property in the family. Together we will discuss the details of these three options, and help you choose the option that best suits you.

3. Prepare the House for Listing
Once you have decided to sell and all of the paperwork is settled, the house needs to be prepared for listing. To enhance the appearance of the property you have the option of hiring professionals which will help you with various tasks. A Contractor – for repairs and painting, a Professional Organizer to help declutter, and part with belongings that are no longer being used, a Stager to show the property in the best and most attractive way to potential buyers, and a Photographer for presenting the property. I have trusted contacts that I have personally worked with before to assist in this process. They truly make the process much easier on you, and increase the selling value of your current home.

4. Active Search of a New Place
Once the house is listed there is more time, and we can begin regular viewings of prospective new places. The clearer your vision, the easier the search will be. Communicating your requirements is key as it allows me to accurately pre-select the properties for viewings. What you should consider? Location. Price. Size. Number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Amenities. Number of Parking Spaces.

Wishing you a happy sale, successful purchase, and easy moving. Call me anytime to discuss your situation.

Need to sell fast?

I am ready when you are; your property can be listed the same day you contact me. I believe in proper property presentation, but sometime the circumstances are out of our control and we need to sell fast. The controlling factor then is price. My hand-picked team of professional cleaners, contractors, organisers, movers and stagers will be all at your service for the fastest possible sale.

Top 7 Reasons Why People Downsize

Usually when the thoughts of downsizing start occupying my clients minds it’s never just one reason. In most cases it’s a combination of several reasons.

1. Health
It all started when Andy’s mom fell and broke her hip. After a long time in hospital she was back home and stairs became a nightmare. After lengthy discussions and considerations, the family decided to downsize, sell the house and buy an apartment where everything was on one level and maintenance was provided. There are a few condo buildings where the maintenance include assisted living with nurses on site. This is not a senior home, it is a privately-owned condo that offers additional services like: cleaning the apartment, visiting, cooking, and fitness. personal or gym/collective?
Health is one of the main reasons why people make the decision to sell, and choose to buy a simpler place. It hides behind phrases like: “these stairs are getting higher”, “my knees are killing me”, “I will sleep on the sofa in the living room today, I don’t want to go up the stairs”, and your doctor telling you: “No more snow removal and weeding the garden”. Some people adjust and fit their current home for more comfortable living by signing contracts for snow removal and lawn maintenance, ramps for a wheelchair, a ramp to get upstairs, wider door openings, lower positioning of switches, bathtub conversions, moving a bedroom to the main floor. Others choose not to make the adjustments, and move to a one floor condo for an easier lifestyle.

2. Too Much Maintenance
My client Rob was in great health but he never enjoyed the work around the house so one day his condo-owner friend suggested to stop complaining about all the grass cutting and maintenance and do something about it. Rob called me. Before listing the house for sale, we went condo hunting. We looked at what options were available and found a condo that suited his needs perfectly: two parking spots, a locker close to parking, two bedrooms and two washrooms in a great complex. The complex had a swimming pool, gym, library room – where he plays cards with his buddies now, party room for larger gatherings, and gated community for security. He truly enjoys his new lifestyle. He started traveling more without a fear of leaving his house unattended. He uses the gym, swimming pool and hot tub regularly and enjoys people coming over to his place. And he appreciates that he can still cook BBQs in the designated area of the condo complex.
This is a maintenance-free life where all the outdoor work is done for him, and the majority of house related renovations are no longer an issue as all of them are taken care of by property management. He is quite happy that he doesn’t have to deal with contractors any longer.

3. Financial
My client Mark, a successful mortgage broker, went through a major turmoil in his life. CRA audit piled up outrageous penalties and client complaints resulting in lengthy and costly litigations. Because of all the financial stress that fell on him, he decided to sell the house to pay off the regulators and CRA, and downsize until complete recovery. Life is unpredictable and financial hardship can arise due to many circumstances: health, work, the need to help children, difficulty with cashflow, the need for money for another project, etc. these are all valid reasons when people think about tapping into the equity of their home for funds. My personal belief is: if possible, do not to sell. If refinancing can be done and the carrying costs will be acceptable I always advise to consider this option first. I am a strong believer in preserving family wealth. However, if the situation requires selling, my position is to facilitate the highest possible return.

4. Moving to be Closer to Family
I hear a lot of stories where parents are moving from different countries or cities to help their kids raise grandchildren. This is a sweet reason for downsizing – to be closer to your loved ones. Yes, it also involves letting go of habitual places and dear to your heart people from your neighbourhood but it usually offers way more in return.

5. Lifestyle change.
Mary and John both had great careers and when they retired they decided to see the world. The decision of downsizing was easy. They had enough funds saved to be able to buy before listing their family home. They bought their new place first and then listed their property after the closing. They are enjoying their lives of travel and condo living in Toronto.
In the era when a lot of people stay in great health past retirement, many choose to travel to experience an exciting lifestyle. Selling a pricier home for a smaller apartment allows for a large amount of free funds for travel and enjoyment, and a smaller place that doesn’t require excessive care. A lot of people move south for 3-4 months from harsh Toronto winters and prefer to avoid any house maintenance hassles.

6. Loss of partner.
Please accept my condolences for the loss. My older friend Adela lost her husband. Even with years, her grief has not subsided. She was missing him. She kept saying she still can’t comprehend how important that companionship was for her. She tried escaping to their cottage, painting and reading but it wasn’t helping much. So, she decided to change her life completely. She sold her house and moved closer to her family. She opened up to new friends and started helping others as well. Sometimes it’s not the larger space that bothers you, but everything in the place that reminds you of the loved one. It is emotionally difficult and draining. Oftentimes it also affects your financial situation. Thoughts of downsizing are difficult, but necessary to move on in life.

7. Moving out of the city.
My friends Mary and Grant were not looking for a new place, they already had their perfect place, their cottage. They just wanted to sell their Toronto property and move to a quieter country living. A lot of couples from Toronto area are utilizing the appreciation in value of their city property, using the equity to buy a place outside of humming city life full of traffic and concrete, and moving to somewhere quiet and green.

Whenever your thoughts about downsizing come up, whether it is selling or buying, feel free to contact me and talk about your situation. I will be happy to show you your options, and to guide you through the process of downsizing.Property types to move into
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